About Us

                                                                                                                        "Art Rules Everything Around Us"

       Malcriadas Collective is a duo of first generation Mexican American Tejanas inspired by art, Mexican culture, and Da South. 

      BB Velez & Rosa Rodriguez met on the streets of SXSW in 2015, fast forward to 2019, and their bond for art and Chicana culture lead them to drop Malcriadas Collective on 4/20. 

     When deciding on a name for their street wear brand, both wanted a name that was unique and relatable. Having grown up being called Malcriadas (spoiled brats) when they would rebel against traditional Mexican standards, they decided to take that negative stereotype and flip it into a word that is all about embracing your true unapologetic self. 

    The Dallas art scene and community has played an inspiring role on the brand, and to honor that love for their community, Malcriadas Collective throws an annual art show that invites talented local artists to showcase their artistic skills. Their love for Texas also sees them pay homage to a number of Texas Legends, from Big Moe to The Queen of Tejano Selena Quintanilla. 

    Malcriadas hopes to inspire others to embrace their roots and to never forget where you come from.